When I was wandering around the Amazonian Rainforest, I discovered lots of Wand components. I thought of which one should go with which, for example, a special wood with a magical product. Here are the three types of wood to make the wands:

  1. Rubber wood, 13 inches, extremely flexible. Good for Protective spells.
  2. Iron wood, 7 inches, very stiff. Good for Experimenting spells since it won’t break easily.
  3. Justice wood or tamborono, 8 inches, not very flexible. Good for Fighting spells since Fire Ants live in it.

These are the special magical elements inside the wands:

Flying bird
  1. Hoatzin tail Feathers. Good for charm spells.

2. Manatee fat. Good for warming potions

Girl holding up piranha

3. Pirahna Teeth. Good for damage spells


4. Caiman Scales. Good for protection spells


5. Anaconda Eyes. Good for hypnotizing spells

6. Tarantula Hair. Good for hiding spells.

7. Butterfly Wings. Good for flying spells

8. Poison Dart Frog Skin. Good for Poison potions

Come to Colette’s Amazonian wand shop and have some fun looking or buy things to make potions and wands!


  1. Wow! Colette, where did you inherit your courage? We’ll try our best to change our attitude towards perhaps snakes. By the way, after you and visited the snake sanctuary on the Garden Route Opi and I decided to take your example – we did it and are proud of ourselves! Thanks for making an example.


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