hat bucket list adventures in the world can you safely take kids? Our desire to explore the globe was tempered by not finding enough practical information about where we could comfortably take our young daughter. We started  slowly, and now we’ve been to over 50 countries with her in tow, covering everything from the Antarctic & Arctic poles, the majestic deserts of Namibia & Chile, to the great plains in Bolivia & Mongolia. We’d like to share what we’ve learnt, and hope it’ll be useful when you plan  your next great experience.

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Judith and Yi Ta’s Blog

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Follow our journeys as we seek out some of the best family growth experiences around the world. We’re starting with our current adventure to explore South and Central America but will include past travels.
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Bolivia: Uyuni Salt Plains – Irresponsible Parenting at its Best

Viewpoint from the Nest - Travel Parenting Insights A very respectable and sensible doctor in Singapore reprimanded us when I enquired about the right dosage...

Colette’s Blog


Colette and her friend Toucan share some of the fun things they’ve done, even though sometimes they are a little scary or uncomfortable. Colette also explores her imagination in some of their blogs.
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Peru: Sacred Valley – Orphanage

Once upon a time there was a girl called Colette.  She was leaving her home in Shanghai and moving to a new country.  So...

Chile: Coyhaique – The Marble Caves Painted on a God’s Canvas

Viewpoint from the Nest : Coyhaique may not be the most isolated place we’ve been to, but it feels that way. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful. Located in Chile’s Southern Patagonia, it’s among the least explored regions in Latin America. It’s certainly a favourite of ours. We were there in October, which is early in the season, and...

Chile: Torres del Paine – The puma that stalked Colette

Viewpoint from the Nest : Travel parenting insights The Torres Del Paine is not a walk in the park; fierce winds and an unpredictable climate can make it wilder than most other reserves we’ve been to. Boasting everything from glaciers, lakes, valleys and gorgeous hikes, it’s worth the small effort of having waterproof clothing, and some measure of patience to...

Chile: Torres Del Paine – The puma who came for lunch

Hello my name is Colette, Today I almost got eaten by a Puma. Also known as the cougar, panther or mountain lion.  You can recognize this hungry, dangerous Puma by its shining golden fur and razor sharp teeth. The Puma is rarely seen and hunts at night.  At least that’s what they say. I was lucky enough to see two Pumas during the...

Chile: Chiloe Island – Chilean Dolphin under a Rainbow Bridge

It took us a long car and ferry ride to get this remote island of Chiloe.   It is so far away and exactly the opposite of Singapore. It's not so crowded and lots of nature. Actually, there are many houses – ant houses, owl houses, beetle houses, sheep houses, cow houses…… When we arrived, we saw a marvelous rainbow right...

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