It took us a long car and ferry ride to get this remote island of Chiloe.   It is so far away and exactly the opposite of Singapore. It’s not so crowded and lots of nature. Actually, there are many houses – ant houses, owl houses, beetle houses, sheep houses, cow houses……

When we arrived, we saw a marvelous rainbow right in front of our room to welcome us.

We took a boat and kayaked to another island. My dad and I were in the same kayak and we raced past the guide and my mum. We paddled as fast as we could. When the other team rested their paddles, we raced ahead and won!

On our way back we spotted a dolphin jumping up and down. He/she had a white belly and looked like a killer whale!

The dolphin was trying to catch up with the boat. I was wondering why he was doing that? I think he was showing off!

You can see him jumping here on the video:

Things I learned:

  • Kayaking is easier if you have an engine behind you (my dad)
  • Chilean dolphins are show offs!!

Did you know that:

  • There are 36 kinds of ocean dolphins and 5 kinds of river dolphins
  • Dolphins use sonar to see
  • Why do you think it is called the Chilean dolphin? Because it can be found only in the coast of Chile.
  • They send messages to other dolphins by squeaking and whistling
  • They don’t breath through their mouth. They use the blowhole at the top as their nose


  1. What fun! Dolphins are comedians! Their antics always make you laugh! I think all dolphins are show offs!


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