Hello my name is Colette,

Today I almost got eaten by a Puma.

Also known as the cougar, panther or mountain lion.  You can recognize this hungry, dangerous Puma by its shining golden fur and razor sharp teeth.

The Puma is rarely seen and hunts at night.  At least that’s what they say.

I was lucky enough to see two Pumas during the daytime!

Pumas are meat eaters.  They are very vicious cats and can grow up to 270cm, the male weights up to about 90kg and the females 60kg.

We were driving through the national park when we spotted a Puma stalking Guanacos on a green hill with lots of bushes. Luckily the Guanacos made a sound to alert the others of the Puma’s presence and ran away before they got eaten and beaten.

To find the first Puma is extremely lucky.  But to find a second one is deliciously lucky (for the Puma).

Later in the afternoon, I was walking below some very special rocks made by the first oxygen-producing organisms!  The Puma seemed to have smelled a delicious snack miles away (me) and has come to taste it.

It happened all very quickly.  The Puma was stalking me, walking above me on the rock, ready to pounce.  He was just meters away so he could have easily caught me in one great leap.

When my dad spotted him, he asked me to walk over very calmly.  Once I was close to my dad again, the Puma seemed to lose interest, hungrily and angrily stormed off.  A pretty scary encounter!

What I learned:

When you are encountering a dangerous, wild animal, you should never run.  Otherwise the hunt is on and they will start chasing.  Calmly back up and join a group of adults.  There is a much smaller chance that they will attack a group of people or a car.


    • Hi June, And I didn’t even see the Puma, my dad just called me over. It was extremely exciting There will be more coming soon! Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the rest!!!

  1. Dear Colette,
    What an adventure!
    I am very happy, that the puma did not eat you up. He saw, that you are too tiny and that you are not even enough as an appetizer.
    However, you should not rely on that in the future.
    Sorry, we missed you in Antarctica, but we were high up on top of the mountains and you down at the coast with the Pinguins!
    Hoping to see you in 2016!
    Ludwig (grandpa)

    • Hi Opa, yes I think you are right, the Puma probably did think that I was a small tiny appetizer!!! I am sad that I missed you in Antarctica too! I really appreciate the fact that you read my blog and I hope you will like the rest!

  2. Hello Colette,

    well, to tell you the truth we were shocked and speechless for a moment when we saw the photos! How lucky you were! Maybe the Puma just wanted to test and not “taste” you – they know how much you adore cats and treat them right. Perhaps the puma was only giving you a lesson to always be alert. Take care and come back safely.
    Omi Judith and Opi Michael


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