Once upon a time there was a girl called Colette.  She was leaving her home in Shanghai and moving to a new country.  So she had a farewell party.

Instead of presents she asked her friends to bring pens + pencils.

I wonder why?

So the donated pencils + pens from the 40 guests travelled in Colette’s suitcase around the world all the way to Peru.

When she arrived in the Sacred Valley, she visited an orphanage.  There were 60 girls from 3 – 12 years old.  Colette felt really sad for them because they didn’t have any parents.  However, the nuns seemed very nice and caring and their school and dormitories and common rooms looked very nice.

Colette played a game with the kids and gave away her colouring pens from Shanghai making sure that even the smallest girl got their presents.

The kids sang songs in Spanish and Colette sang “All of me” by John Legend.


Now Colette is looking out for new things to collect & donate.

If you are travelling and want to donate something, a good website is:


There you can find all the things people need where you are going!


  1. How wonderful, Colette that was so thoughtful!
    I can imagine that the kids were so excited and very grateful.

    • Hi Jane, Yes the kids were excited and grateful. But they were amazingly happy too surprisingly! I didn’t think they would be after those sad things in their life. Anyway thank you for reading my blog and hope you go on more adventures with me and my blog!!!

  2. What a kind act and an incredible journey this is. Did you pick up any Spanish phrases from the girls? I am looking forward to reading more about your adventure.

  3. Hi Colette,
    Well done on your donation and reaching Peru!! Wishing you loads of fun and safe travels. Looking forward to reading more of your marvellous adventures on your trip.

  4. Darling Colette,
    I see all the pens and pencils found a ‘home’ in the hands of each of the kids in the orphanage. Guess Sweetie, you have inherited a generous ‘heart’ from your philanthropist great great grandfather Tan Kah Kee! Think of the less fortunate in this world. Well done! I am so proud of you. Love you. Nai Nai

  5. Love all your photos and writings… Please tell us more about you and kids in the orphanage when we meet up…we are SO proud of you!

  6. Our dear Colette,

    you’ve always been so generous just like your Mommy and Daddy – it seems like it’s a family thing. It’s always a specially good feeling to help and share with people in need, especially children who, for whatever reason, must endure so many hardships. You’re such a wonderful and thoughtful person.


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