In the Amazon rainforest, there was a treasure hunt set up just for kids.

You need a minimum of four kids to do it, it is simple and fun! First, you are split into two teams and both teams have to do a puzzle. Whoever finishes all the clues first, wins!

The first clue was to hunt for terminates! All teams ran into the jungle searching for termite nests. Do you know how they look like? They are big brown nests (the same as poop!) hanging on the trees and are quite easy to spot if you know them. The challenge was to pick 15 termites by hand, and I let them run off the tree onto my hand. Some of the kids were scared that they might be poisonous and bite, some were game and would touch anything! Termites won’t bite and are safe and easy to pick up. I picked up a bug shell which a Cicada just shed.

We use a puzzle and one of the teams winners choose a card they read the back of the card and it might say that each group has to collect 15 termites and bring them to the eco center. You choose another one that says make lemonade and pizza then eat it and drink it. You choose another one that says plant seeds you look around, find seeds and plant them just by doing such simple things you still learn something!

Onto the next challenge! Find lemons and make yummy lemonade.

At night, when I was walking back to our hut, I spotted a gigantic black hairy tarantula hanging onto a tree. Spooky!


  1. oooops I would have been very frightened if that spider had jumped on me…
    That game must have been such fun, nice for you to play with other kids too.


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