My parents brought me to Brazil, Bonito in Bonito where we went to swim in the Sliver River first and then we went to see the Macaws last! Bonito is famous for eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is being friendly to nature when doing things in nature. The Silver River was one of the clearest rivers I have ever been to or floated in! Unfortunately it was soooooo cold I turned blue as blue as the fish around me 😊 We all had to wear wetsuits to keep warm.

The river seemed almost drinkable, if not for the fish reminding you not to drink! ^_~  The water was crystal clear because it was lime stone water so any dirt floating in it sank to the bottom.

The current of the river was so strong I couldn’t even control where I wanted to go but the river used it’s remote control and directed me the right way⤵⤴⤵⤴⤵⤴

Kids who are afraid of the cold should not do it! (Cold = 22-23 centigrade Warm = 25-26 centigrade) Kids who are not afraid of the cold definitely should do it!

We also saw Red and Green Macaws. They go everywhere together and never break up! After they have a baby macaw, they take it to meet another family with another baby macaw so they can start a new family!! You can see them flying in two’s, three’s and sixes. I like families to always stay together.


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